Carolina Panthers Bring In Huge Revenue For Charlotte Region

As they made a run for a Super Bowl 50 win, the Carolina Panthers generated significant income for the tourism industry in the surrounding Charlotte, N.C. region. Business owners — from hotels to restaurants to everything in between — profited immensely throughout the 2015 football season from the nearly-undefeated, 17-1 franchise.

Not only did a regular season featuring only one loss bring massive success to the team — noticed in ticket sales and purchased memorabilia — but bars, restaurants, parking lots and hotels surrounding Uptown Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium also saw positive dollars from every win. Places such as RiRa Irish Pub, 5Church and Mellow Mushroom saw a surge in guests before and after games. A post-season that included two home playoff games increased revenues as well, including for nearby attractions such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Mint Museum, which saw spillover from weekend travelers ready for a full Charlotte experience.

The region’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport also discovered additional flights among Panthers fans — and opponents — eager for playoff opportunities. The Super Bowl in February drew crowds and income across the Charlotte region to cheer on the Panthers, despite the outcome. Charlotte leaders welcome the same revenue surge in the 2016 as well as the same wins for the Carolina Panthers

Author Nilesh Tailor is an IT expert, North Carolina tourism blogger and Carolina Panthers fan.

The Devil’s Tramping Grounds in North Carolina

Bear Creek, North Carolina, is a little village—technically an unincorporated community, in Chatham County, North Carolina. To put it in terms someone less familiar with North Carolina can understand, it is essentially dead center of North Carolina. In this small community there is a place known as The Devil’s Tramping Grounds—not because anything evil has ever happened there, but because nothing grows within this relatively large circle in the woods.

Set back from the main road, The Devil’s Tramping Groups is more defined by what it isn’t than what it is. There is no structure, but that is exactly the point. In the middle of a forest, suddenly there is a fifteen foot wide circle that is not only devoid of trees, but of any plant life. According to stories that date back to 1882, the devil comes to dance there at night. The story goes that humans shouldn’t spend time in the circle and that plants will not grow there, nor will animals cross the empty dust circle.

One can visit the spot today and find plenty of empty beer cans, because apparently in addition to the Devil visiting at night, various teenagers spend their time there as well. Nilesh Tailor is fascinated by the unique and odd stories like this in North Carolina, where he lives. He is a software IT professional who lives and works in the state.

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